How many of these annoying bathroom habits does your partner have?

Posted by Hannah McManus, 16th July 2021

Do your partner’s bathroom habits drive you mad? You’re definitely not alone. From not replacing the toilet roll to stealing your brand-new razor, it be can irritating to say the least.

Bathroom experts Showerstoyou asked 2,347 people in a couple, which habits annoy them most about their partners. With the top five annoying male habits being:

  • Not replacing the toilet roll
  • Leaving the toilet seat up
  • Leaving the skin hairy post-shave
  • Not flushing the toilet
  • Lack of toilet aim

The top five annoying female habits came in as:

  • Bathroom clutter
  • Leaving hair in the sink & drain
  • Makeup & fake tan stains
  • Hogging the mirror
  • Using partner’s razor

Can you count how many your partner, or even you are guilty of? If you’re stealing your partner’s razor or find them pinching yours often, we’ve got a solution to suit you both with our dual blade plan – plus you can put your mark on yours with personalised engraving!

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