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Ladies, any of this familiar!? #Shoga

Ladies, any of this familiar!? #Shoga

Friction Free Shaving.
We deliver razors through your door from £5 per month.
Pretty good eh?

"It's a genius service: shaving just became one less thing for you to worry about!"

So how does it work?

Receive Your Shaviour
Refills Delivered
Every Month
Live Friction Free

Choose Your Shaviour

Choose from two high quality women's razors which we will deliver to you every month.

Free P&P
Free P&P

Free postage and no hidden costs.

Scared of commitment? Don’t be. You can pause or cancel any time just by logging into your account.

Ladies, your legs are getting ripped off.

You're overpaying for blades that you're overusing. Using the same razor again and again, your skin's having to battle bacteria and blunt blades just to be smooth. Understandably, your skin is getting very irritated - I mean c'mon - it's bleeding for you.

So here's a fresh idea: The world's first shaving club for women.

A new blade every week. Cleaner, sharper and irritation free. Wave goodbye to sore red legs and say hello to awesome ones. From just £5 a month for quality clean new razor blades, you'll save a f-load too.

Friction Free Shouts

Check out the reviews sent in by our users

"I have found my shaviour! My week has started off brilliantly thanks to FFS, I had the quickest, most effortless & pain free experience with Samantha. No blood, rashes or friction whatsoever, gave me such a smooth shave & left my pins feeling super soft & ready for the day!"
Review sent in via Facebook from Tia Gill (6th March 2017)
"I had to write a review I'm so happy!! The razor is absolutely perfect, the weight and shape is just right and the cream is definitely worth the extra (albeit small) cost....it smells amazing, it left my skin moisturised and feeling soft. Never going back to another razor again this is perfect"
Review sent in via Facebook from Nikki Toovey (16th February 2017)
"I absolutely love your service, seriously! Shaving is no longer a chore!"
Review sent in via Website from Melissa (Jan 2017)
"I ordered the Frankie on Tuesday. It came today, I tried it and I love it not going back to those cheap razors in the supermarket when on offer as I have had the closes shave yet. Also the shaving cream is amazing and smells lovely. I would say to anyone to give it a go, you'll be surprised on how much quality is in the products how close the shave and how cheap it is!!!"
Review sent in via Facebook from Kayleigh Nielsen (Nov 2016)
“Just wanted to say I received my Samantha Razor this week. It is the best razor I have ever tried. Never had as close a shave ever. I'll be telling everyone!”
Ria O'Driscoll
"I love the design of this razor - it feels a lot more grown up than the sickly pink plastic razors that are usually aimed at women."
Review sent in by Angela Collinson
"I love your razors, they're really great! Nothing wrong with your product or service, it's perfect!"
Review sent in by Charlotte Gallagher
“I just decided I couldn't go wrong for £8 a month. Considering Venus is double that for plastic s**t. I was rationing my blades to save money and getting rashes. Won't have to now. 😀😀”
Comment via Facebook from Nicola (Nov 2016)
"I personally went for the "Samantha" razor, and it is the most beautiful razor I have ever owned. The heads have 5 blades which means you get a really quick and close shave, which makes shaving your legs just a tiny bit less tedious."
Review by Daena, Colchester, Nov 2016
"Friction Free Shaving may still be relatively new on the block but it’s set to revolutionise shaving. Good quality shaving is a must if we’re to get on with the business of being us… Friction Free Shaving is your shaviour."
Review by Mummy and Boo

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